The Song of The Marked

Rating: 3/5

“Her cheeks warmed, and she briefly hoped they might burn hot enough to simply melt her out of existence— but then a corner of his mouth almost inched upward.“

TW: Kidnapping, Anxiety, PTSD

Casia Greythrone is a mercenary who does what she can to not only protect herself but her family. A devastating illness called fading sickness has been ravaging her country and Casia is one of the victims. Soon, she becomes it’s only survivor but it comes with a cost. The sickness has altered her physical appearance to shades of grey and she knows this makes her a target to the King who is a persecutor of anyone who carries magic. What will Casia and how far is she willing to go to find out the source of the fading sickness while also keeping herself from harm?

I wanted to love this book because it sounded like it would be up my alley but sadly it turned out not to bed and I wasn’t fully invested in it. The plot sounds really cool but I didn’t feel like it was fleshed out enough or even tied things together. Casia goes on really cool adventures but for me, I feel like all these things should tie together and it wasn’t there.

Casia is a well-written herione and I do love the mental health aspect that the author tied in as she struggles with PTSD and Anxiety. I love how Gaither wrote her as a badass warrior who does have struggles that people can relate with and for me, this is what got me through the story. The other characters throughout the book are very interesting and I did enjoy the dynamics and relationship between Cas and Elandor. I thought it was really well written and they have great banter a few steamy scenes. The ending was a bit wild but not enough to make continue the series.

Overall, it was good but not as good as I thought it would be. There were things that I felt like could’ve been different or fleshed out more but I think if you like TOG, you’d probably like this series as well.

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