Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

Rating: 3/5

“It’s not cool to stare, I know that, but this is literally the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life.” 

Devastated by the revelation that her best friend/on-off again girlfriend kissed someone else, Millie Quint can’t bare to confront her so she decides apply for scholarships so she can get far away. The last place she expected to get accepted into would be one of the most exclusive and elite boarding schools in Scotland. Not only is the school gorgeous but it’s a completely different life than her own. There’s only one problem: Princess Flora of Scotland is her roommate and the two couldn’t be more different. What happens when the two start to realize they aren’t that different than they think? Will sparks fly or will Millie get burnt again?

Originally, wasn’t on my tbr until I started looking again at LGBT recs on Goodreads last night and this popped up for me. I would’ve given it a higher rating had the relationship between the two feel rushed. I would’ve liked to seen more development in the relationship. The writing also could’ve been a bit better as I feel like that would’ve helped with the development of the relationship. But, aside from that I loved Millie and Princess Fiona, I thought they were very well written characters who were very unique in their own right. Plus, I love enemies to friends and eventually lovers, it’s probably one of my favorite tropes.

Overall, it was a cute book!

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