Perfect on Paper

Rating: 4/5

For the first time, the very very first time, I really believed them. That my relationship status did not change me. And that even if other people didn’t agree, every single person in this room had my back without hesitation. I was with them and they were with me and we were with each other. A community within a community within a community. No questions asked. No proof needed. No valid form of identification required. We just belonged because we belonged.” 

For a fee, Darcy Phillips can solve all your relationships woes and tries to use her power for good. But, when her least favorite person Alexander Broughram finds out about her secret relationship advice service, she’s forced into being his personal dating coach or he will tell her secret. Alexander wants to win back his ex-girlfriend and Darcy is hiding a secret of her own that if it gets out, it could ruin all the happiness she has.

I picked this book up late for the June Goodreads Challenge on the discord server and I’m actually super happy that I did. I hadn’t heard of the book or writer before but I am going to check out her other books as I found this book very enjoyable and real. It was a very well written book that tackles not only tackles LGBT issues well but also writes about teens making questionable choices and making mistakes, well-written characters, good dynamics between the main and secondary characters etc.

Darcy is such a mess but I love it and I found her very relatable especially her struggles with her bisexuality and the biphobia she deals with. Not only that but I loved that Darcy’s sister was trans and they had such a wonderful relationship, it was so loving and supportive. I really had such a fun time reading this and I was really happy with the representation as that can be really hard to find.

Would definitely recommend this book to anyone!

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