Late To The Party

Rating: 4/5

“And I think being friends with someone should be like the concept of infinity—like you truly believe that person has no limits, and you just want to keep counting upward with them to see where they go.” 

Codi Teller never considered herself a party girl. Not because she hates parties but she prefers to be with her two best friends, Jakory and Maritza watching netflix or hanging out in their basement. So when Jakory and Maritza invite her to crash a party, she’s not too keen on the idea. But, what happens when she discovers one of the cool kids, Ricky kissing another boy in the dark. An unexpected friendship forms and takes Codi on a journey of expression, love, and self-acceptance than she ever imagined.

So this book was full of fun, energy, love, and great dynamics from beginning to end. The book deals with very real issues that teenagers deal with like outgrowing your friends, how you present yourself to others, and how that can impact your true self. Being a teen is complicated and I felt the way that Quindlen addressed the issues throughout the book was very well done and handled with care. Codi and Lydia were absolutely adorable and I thought the development of the relationship was well done and not over the top. In addition, there’s complex friendships that help add to the main characters and it felt real.

This is a coming of age story about understanding who you are as a person and the importance of self-acceptance. This is something that I strongly related to myself cause I didn’t truly start to accept myself until I was much older. When you’re a teen, it can be hard and difficult to know you want in life and who you want to be. Taking your time and understanding who you takes time and it shouldn’t be rushed.

Even if you’re not a teenager, I think anyone would find this book enjoyable so I was glad to come across it.

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