The Sky Blues

Rating: 3.5/5

I think it’s the timid and slightly terrified energy he gave off; it reminded me of myself, when I get caught up in walking the straight way down the hall, or sounding less gay, or carrying my books like a guy is supposed to. We’ve both been struggling to bury our otherness beneath the surface, but I shouldn’t have assumed our otherness was the same.”

Going into his senior year, Sky is ready to go out with a bang and make his best yet. Sky comes up with a brilliant plan to ask his crush, Ali to the prom and has to do that within thirty days. Sounds easy right? Well, when his brilliant plans get leaked by an anonymous hacker in a deeply homophobic email causes him to wish that he could leave town and finish his year at another high school. But, when his friends and others at the school encourage Sky to find out who is the behind the hack and expose them. Will Sky be expose this person for they are or will his small town blues stop Sky from embracing his true self? Find out in this fun, witty, and heartfelt debut!

This heartfelt debut was definitely one to enjoy from beginning to the end. There were a few things that I didn’t like that but I’ll get into that later. Sky is such a fun, witty, kind, friendly and wonderful main character I felt like I knew him. The other characters were a bit of hit and miss for me, I felt like some were well written and others were added for the sake of diversity. While I did enjoy the story, there were a few things that I think could’ve been better. The subplots felt rushed and quick so it was hard for me to stay invested and the ending was a bit vague.

Other than that, it was a pretty fun read so if you want to check it out, go for it!

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