Cool For The Summer

Rating: 3/5

“Just because you’re telling a good story, doesn’t mean it’s the right story. And I think that it’s really important to tell the right story.” 

Summer love can be fickle and for seventeen year old, Lara is arrives when she leasts expects it while on vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Lara begins tp spend time with her mother’s assistant Jasmine and before she knows, an unlikely friendship begins to form. But, what if there is more to the friendship than meets the eye as Lara begins have dreams about a girl who looks similar to Jasmine sending Lara on a journey of self-discovery, accepting, and being more comfortable with being who you want to be and not what other people think.

While reading, I had flashbacks to Grease which is actually one of the my favorite movies and there are similarities between the two. This is a very cute and fun story and I really wished I could’ve gotten more into it but I couldn’t. I did like Lara and found her a very interesting and fun protagonist. I wish I had read this back when I was younger because her journey of self-discovery so I think she will be a hit for young readers who can relate and see themselves in her.

I wish the same could be said for the side characters and romance especially with Chase and his sudden interest in Lara. I felt like that could’ve been fleshed a bit more over the chapters because I could’ve really invest in them as a couple. Other parts of the plot were predictable and while I do enjoy love triangles, I didn’t feel like I was fully invested in it. But at the same time, showing the flaws in the relationship is a plus but I still feel like I needed more to really understand why he liked her. There were other parts of the book that surprised me as the serious and lighthearted events throughout the book balanced each other out.

Another thing that kinda rubbed me the wrong way was the way that certain people were described throughout the book. I felt like it was a bit of a checklist for diversity and it could’ve been better with more thought, effort, and consideration. So, that was something that impacted my enjoyment of reading the book. It was a cute book but I feel like it could’ve been better if there had been more effort put into the issues that I highlighted.

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