People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Heard

Rating: 4/5

“But most of us are too scared to even ask what we want, in case we can’t have it.” 

The book follows Poppy and Alex, two best friends who literally couldn’t be more different. Poppy is free spirit, wild, and loves traveling and being spontaneous where Alex is perfectly content with staying home and reading a book. Yet, ever since that fateful car ride home years ago, they are still the very best of friends. Well, they were up until two years ago where they ruined everything and haven’t spoken since.

Now having everything she could want, you would think that Poppy is truly happy,? But she’s stuck in a rut and she knows the only thing that can make her truly happy. But, she knows it’s impossible unless some kind of miracle happens. Much to her surprise, he agrees to spend a week with her and she has exactly that much time to fix things. Will she be able to fix things or will she lose him forever?

This was a fun read! Before this, I had read Beach Read by the same author and enjoyed it. I’m not surprised at how much I enjoyed this as it’s opposites attract, friends to lovers, and second chance trope which I love. I loved Poppy, she was a lot of fun and I did enjoy her dynamic with Alex, they’re so different yet they fit so well with each other. They had really great chemistry and that’s always a plus while still being their own person. What really drives the story are the characters, Poppy and Alex and I was just rolling along with them wanting to know what would happen next.

If you’re looking for a fun and cute read, this is it!

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