Promised Neverland by Kaui Shirai

Rating: 4/5

Emma and her fellow friends, Norman and Ray, who are the brightest orphans feel like nothing could bring them down and they have everything they could’ve wanted. Clean clothes, great food, and a environment that helps the children feel loved and cared for. What more could they want? That bliss and happiness is shattered when the orphans come up the dark forest that they have been forbidden to see.

YES! I absolutely loved this, I binged the first season awhile back and loved it so I was delighted to find the manga for a readathon that I’m in for. A peter pan retelling and an amazing one at that! It was a short read so that’s another plus but I loved the characters, the dynamics between them, and of course the amazing plot which totally tricked me from the moment I started. I thought I was going into this wholesome and sweet story about these three orphans and it turned out to be a retelling of Peter Pan and an amazing one at that! Finding out that their mother isn’t all saintlike as they have been led believe and the plots twists and turns that left me reeling. I wish I could go into more of it but I don’t want to spoil it so if you’re looking for a fun and short read that will leaving you gasping for air, this is it!

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