Fly With The Arrow by Sarah K.L. Wilson

Rating: 3/5

“We are the story of our choices, our grim failures, our crippled successes. We are the story of our molten passions, our loves and hates, our tears in the silence. We are the story of how others touched or shunned us, of loves returned, revenges enacted. When all flesh and glory melts away and there is nothing left of us, we will be only the story going on to what comes next.”

No one told her the most important law of the court-the law of greeting. If she knew about it, maybe she wouldn’t have greeted Bluebeard who had come to claim a mortal wife. If that hadn’t happened, she wouldn’t have swept into away to the lands of the Wittenhame as his sixteenth wife. But, if none of that had happened then she wouldn’t have been such a integral part of the game that takes place every two years that will set the fate of the nations. But, as she tries to navigate her way not only as Bluebeard’s wife but her own identity, she will discover that not all is at it seems in more ways than she could imagine.

What a confusing, addictive, fun and entertaining book this was! When I was younger, I was obsessed with pirates and a huge fan of POTC but I grew out of it. I remember reading tales of Bluebeard so when I saw this pop up on my recommendations, I decided to give it a try. In this telling, Bluebeard is a misunderstood fae who is equally puzzled by Izdola, our heroine who is different from his previous fifteen wives. The enemies to lovers trope is a favorite of mine and it was done rather well throughout the book. There were a few parts where I was very confused but thankfully that didn’t last long the more that I got into the story and became very interested in what was to come.

It was a great read up until the last act which I felt like was a little rushed and a bit predictable. On top of that, it ended in a cliffhanger and we don’t know what happens until the second book comes out in September. I felt a little disappointed in the ending, I would’ve liked the book to be a bit longer and not end as a cliffhanger. It’s a fun and interesting story with a great dynamic between Bluebeard and Izdola but I felt like the last part of the book fell flat for me.

But if you’re looking for a fun and adventurous book, this is right up your alley!

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