The Sea Is Salt and So Am I by Cassandra Hartt

Rating: 3/5

“When all you know is sea and the sky, everything on land is something to look at.”

The town of West Finch is one hurricane away from falling into the sea. Determined to save her home town, Harlow Prout wants to devise a plan but there are obstacles in the way. One of those obstacles is Harlow herself as she has a habit of getting in her own way, then there is her best friend Ellis McQueen who instead of fixing his problems, runs from them and lastly, his twin brother Tommy who has hit a new low and not in the fixing mood to do anything. But, when Tommy ends up surviving a swim that he intended not to survive, it sets a change in motion that will test loyalties, sparks new romance, and uncovers painful secrets.

Well, I really wanted to like this book but sadly it fell very short and I almost didn’t finish it. First, I love when authors write about mental health and when it’s done well you can really tell and I didn’t find that in this book. Secondly, the characters weren’t developed or fleshed out enough so it was hard to relate to them even with the mental health aspect. Criticism aside, how Hartt captured the atmosphere was beautifully done and that is a definite plus of the book but considering the other stuff I mentioned, I couldn’t really invest in the book too much which was sad. It always stinks when you go into a book thinking you’ll love it and then that ends up not happening.

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