Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Rating: 3.5/5

Shiori is the last princess of Kiata, has a secret that if it gets out could ruin everything she knows. Forbidden magic runs through her veins and although she is normally able to conceal, on the morning of her bethoral ceremony, she loses control and while she’s scared of being caught, it does delay her wedding which is what she wanted. But, Shirori can’t celebrate for long as her stepmother Raikmaka, who possess forbidden magic as well caught the entire thing and banishes the young princess while also turning her brothers into cranes and if she speaks a word about it, her brothers will die.

I was delighted to finally get to this book and not only because of the beautiful cover! I have been a fan of Elizabeth’s work since Spin The Dawn and found this book very enjoyable even with some minor issues! Her style shines in her latest work but with a very creative retelling of east asian folklores. While this is a pretty decent novel with the storytelling and culture, it does have some minor issues that kept me from loving it completely. The side characters weren’t as developed as I wanted them to be so it made it hard to feel invested in them. Some of the plot points were a bit predictable but for the most part the book is solid to the end. But, all that aside Six Crimson Cranes is a rich and solid diverse fantasy read with a creative retelling. Lim’s storytelling, prose, and rich worldbuilding help with creating a world that seems very real and intriguing.

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