Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan

Rating: 3/5

“I’m not spending my life pretending I’m something I’m not, or making myself smaller and quieter, just because someone else thinks I should.

After finding out being queer is against her catholic school’s code of conduct, Morgan is forced to transfer schools where she ends up meeting Ruby who has two hobbies: competing in beauty pageants and tinkering with her baby blue 1970 Ford Torino. When the two meet, a connection is formed and soon come to realize that the connection is more than platonic and can’t deny their feelings for one another. But while Morgan is ready to announce it to the world, Ruby isn’t ready to take that step? Can the two find a resolution or will the relationship go up in flames?

Some Girls Do is your typical YA novel about coming into your own and being proud of who you are and owning it. I have a big gripe about this book as Morgan doesn’t deserve Ruby because she’s annoying, entitled, and passive aggressive. Both girls do things to hurt each other but I found Morgan’s actions more disrespectful especially the attitude of “I’m out and so should you” and it made me feel bad for Ruby. There’s a part in the book where Ruby confronts about it and Morgan deserved to get told off because that’s just wrong. It’s not up to anyone else but the individual themselves when they want to come out. Morgan just straight up annoyed me throughout the entire book and I for can’t buy the romance especially how Morgan treated Ruby. She felt that she was entitled and didn’t have much growth throughout the book and I can see how coming from a wealthy catholic school would make her that way but you would think being away from that environment, she would make an effort to change and be more understanding. So, while it’s a fun book the romance is something that I can’t buy mostly because Morgan is insufferable and doesn’t Ruby imo.

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