For Your Own Good by Samantha Downing

Rating: 4/5

“Being loved is one thing, being hated is another, but there is nothing worse than being ignored.” 

The Plot:

For Your Own Good is a wild, campy, vindictive, and murderous tale that follows the lives of students, teachers, and other professionals at the prestigious, famed, wealthiest Belmont Academy. Teddy Crutcher is a dedicated, hard working, by the books and willing to do anything to help out his students even if they don’t ask him to do it. Soon, the school is thrown into a tailspin when a parent is found murdered. While this would cause concern for any rational person, Teddy isn’t too bothered by nosy students. He’s more concerned with helping his students tap into their potential and wishing that his fellow staff, administrators, and other school personnel started treating him like the gift that he is and stayed out of his way.

The Characters:

Teddy is an unbelievably entertaining main character with flaws and all that make you love and hate him at the same time. His teaching methods are less than conventional but he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the best out of his students even if that means going a little too far. While Teddy is the main focus on the book, there are other characters who you hate and love at the same time. The way the characters are written adds to the devious and dark plot and also makes you question them but Teddy is the person you question the most. He’s so bad but you can’t help but love him.

The Writing:

This the first book by Downing that I’ve read so I didn’t know what to expect but she’s very good at describing the atmosphere and setting the tone. While I did like the different POV’s, I wanted to know more about Teddy and why he was the way that he was and also felt like there way too many chapters. Some of the chapters could be condensed because I felt like I was never going to finish it. So, it took away from my excitement by the end of the book and I didn’t feel as gratified as I wanted to feel. Downing also excels with keeping you on your toes with the twists and turns that you read throughout the book and that’s always a plus in particular for me. I get bored with predictable twists and turns and lose interest but the way they are written is very well done.

Final Thoughts:

Even with the unnecessary chapters, this is a fun, wild, and entertaining ride that will you leaving you wanting more. It’s dark, devious, hysterical, and will to make you second guess the twists and turns. It will also make you wonder who will win at the air as the way Downing writes it leaves it up in the air.

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