The Hand On The Wall by Maureen Johnson

Rating: 4/5

“Anxiety does not ask your permission. Anxiety does not come when expected. It’s very rude. It barges in at the strangest moments, stopping all activity, focusing everything on itself It sucks the air our of your lungs and scrambles the world.” 

The Plot:

I feel like this book wasn’t very necessary as it couldn’t have been included in the 2nd book, it just felt dragged out and the more scenes that had David, the more I wanted to punch him. I disliked him in the previous books. Stevie Bell now believes Ellington Academy is cursed as three peple are now dead. All three happened at the wrong place at the wrong time. All which happened at the moment of Stevie’s greatest triumph as she has now solved who truly devious is. or that’s what she thought but now she’s not so sure as with the recent events have made it difficult for her to focus on anything. 

The Characters/Writing:

Compiling this is one because I had issues with the characters and the writing in this book. I didn’t like David before but he is utterly unlikeable in this book. There were so many times I wanted to smack him the back of the head especially with how he treated Stevie. With the writing, I felt like some of it was rushed and while the pacing was good, I felt like something was missing. I was a little bummed about not liking this as much.

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