Wendy, Darling by A.C. Wise

TW: Abuse, Misogyny, Abandonment Issues, Death, Loss of Parents, War

She has the sudden impression that bits of his skin might lift away, like a mask hiding something terrible underneath.ā€

Wendy, Darling is a dark retelling of Peter Pan that focuses on the oldest child, Wendy and what journey she took after coming back from Neverland. Her brothers, Michael and John were able to condition themselves to forget their time in Neverland, Wendy wasn’t able to do and spent time in an Asylum thus damaging the relationship with her two brothers. She feels bitter and resentful towards them and spends time wondering if their parents hadn’t died on their cruise ship, would she have been put in the asylum or would things be different? Although she doesn’t speak of it, Neverland isn’t far from her mind and one night she gets a visit from the last person she expected to see. She finds out that Neverland is what it used to be and there is darkness lurking on the island and the visitor is looking for another Wendy, and before she knows it her young daughter Jane is taken in her place.

I love retellings and I have see a lot of Peter Pan retellings so I was looking forward to this. Sadly, it wasn’t what I expected it to be and it was a bummer. While the story was interesting, I felt it was a bit too dark for my liking and it was hard to invest in the other characters besides Wendy. I found her to be a very interesting and well written protagonist with a harrowing journey that makes you feel for her. I did like the alternating POV’s between Wendy and her daughter, Jane and reading about her adventures in Neverland and I was pleased with how it ended. But, the lack of depth in the characters made me struggle to stay invested so that was a bummer.

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