Book Of The Week: A Lesson In Vengeance

“Once upon a time I found it so easy to forget the stories about Godwin House and the five Dalloway witches who lived here three hundred years ago, their blood in our dirt, their bones banging from our trees.”

A year after the tragic death of her girlfriend, Felicity Morrow is back at Godwin House trying to make sense of everything that happened. She still resides in the room that is rumored to be haunted by the five Dalloway witches died under mysterious circumstances. Felicity isn’t going to let some ghost story bother her and throws herself into her school work and leaves her dark past behind her or so she thinks. When the charismatic and lively, Ellie Haley arrives on campus for her first year, Felicity finds herself dawn to the eccentric girl who has already amassed a following. Ellie is working on her second novel and wants Felicity’s help with uncovering what happened to the Dalloway sisters. Felicity knows what dangers lurk in the shadows but she can’t help herself feel drawn to Ellie in more ways than one. But, history will reveal itself not only with the Dalloway sisters but within herself.

This is dark academia done right. This is a haunting and dark mystery thriller that will keep you turning the page in anticipation. It will also fill you with doubts about what is really going on and have you second guessing until the end. If you like mystery and suspense thriller, then you should check this out. I was blown away by the writing as Lee was able to craft an haunting yet beautiful atmosphere that made you feel like you were a part of it. The writing along with the characters were the best parts of the book as I felt Felicity, Ellie, and the other girls were well written with unique and interesting personalities. There were a few times I was annoyed by Ellie but I did enjoy her for the most part and I think it was part of her character as a budding novelist who has hundreds of people following her. Plus, she was young so I feel that was very in character although annoying.

I don’t think this should be considered as fantasy but more supernatural thriller, there really isn’t a fantasy element to it. Overall, a very haunting mystery that will keep you guessing from page to page so I would definitely recommend this.

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