The Extraordinaries by T.J. Klune

“Sometimes, the people we want to protect the most might not understand why we do the things we do. But that doesn’t mean they love us any less. Only you can decide where your faith lies.”

Nick Bell, a superhero? Not what he thinks but as the famed writer behind The Extraordinaries, a popular series that has given Bell the praise, adoration, and success that he’s always dreamed about. But, when a chance encounter with Nova City’s famed superhero, Shadow Star and Nick’s biggest crush, he sets on a journey to make himself extraordinary with or without the help of his best friend and possible love of his life, Seth Gray.

I have mixed feelings about this book as I did enjoy the characters, the plot, and the writing, I was a bit surprised at the heavy subject material wasn’t handled with more care as it focused on the police. There were times reading through this book that I felt like it was glorifying the police and others time where I didn’t feel that way. Klune did address it and I give him kudos for that as some people would not only let it slide but get offended over the backlash. Besides this issue, I did enjoy the characters, humor, representation, and plot as it featured a variety of different characters that were all unique in their own way and I loved that he included a character with ADHD. I don’t see many ADHD characters in YA and as someone who was diagnosed with it as a child, I thought he did it very well. But, with the main issue I couldn’t give this book a higher rating so be aware of that when going into this book. That’s all for now!

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