NightBOOKS by J.A. White

“And now I realize—so what if I write scary stories? I might hurt someone with nouns and adjectives, but I would never hurt someone for real.”

While Alex’s hair raising stories are enough to keep Natacha, the witch who has imprisoned him. Alex has been imprisoned by Natacha and must tell her scary tell every night in order to survive. He needs to come up with a plan that will get out of Natacha’s clutches but time is running and he knows that if he doesn’t come up with a plan soon, he will be facing a more dangerous fate than he thought.

This was actually a very entertaining, suspenseful, and I highly enjoyed the plot twists throughout the book. I’m currently participating in a readathon so I decided to look through and find some middle grade halloween books and this was one of the books that seemed interesting to me. This might be written for Middle Grade but it really didn’t feel that way as I was hooked from beginning to end. Even though Alex is very young, it’s hard not to like him and feel for him in the situation. He was a very interesting protagonist and his vivid imagination and love for Horror made me like him even more. I felt like all the characters were likable in some way so that really helped and I didn’t feel bored for a minute. The way things developed throughout the story kept me on pins and needles if he was going to make it out of their alive. This book is a real treat so if you like ghost stories and are fans of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Coraline then this book is for you!

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