Hollow Heathens

“I fell in love anyway, and they would all laugh. They could not see her beauty. No one would believe me if I said the moon breathed life into me, that it was here, inside her, where I found myself again.”

This is the story of a young girl named Fallon who was taken away from the home she knew shortly after she was born. A home that she barely knew and a home full of strange traditions and bizarre superstitions that she would return to twenty four years later. A town that she’d heard about during restless nights under a marble moon to take care of a last living relative. In that same town was a boy named Julian, who was born centuries ago and it was one of the four Hollow Heathens, very dark creatures who put fear in the town’s people and cause them to live in fear. Fallon and Julian were told to stay away from each other but there is a gravitational pull that can’t keep them apart.

Well this was quite the treat. As usual, I’m trash for fantasy and this has actually been a good month for me fantasy wise as last month wasn’t so great. But, this was pretty great and I’m excited for the next book as the premise is close to other books that I’ve read but I’m trash for fantasy so I loved all of it. The characters were interesting and complex and I did enjoy that the sex scenes very well written because sometimes with fantasy it’s either too much or not enough. Julian and Fallon had great chemistry and I did love their banter with each other and it felt like the relationship developed normally instead of being too rushed or not enough. But that writing is what I really loved as it was very beautifully written and there were times where I actually felt like I was in the story. I’m a sucker for world building so I can’t say I’m surprised with myself with choosing the writing as the best part of the book. But, it was beautifully written world-building and I feel as though it really helps drive the story because when it’s poor world-building, it can make it difficult to follow. But if you’re looking for an adult fantasy novel that brings in the paranormal, monsters, witches etc., then this is it for you.

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