Dagger Hill

Dagger Hill tells the story fro four POV’s: Gabe, Kimberly, Sonya, and Charlie, the four friends are getting ready for their senior year and plan to spend their summers like they usually do at Dagger Hill. While, their parents don’t like the idea of Dagger Hill, the four best friends don’t see the problem s teenagers often feel like their parents worry too much. But, what starts out as relaxing and unwinding as they usually do, ends up throwing the four friends into an adventure that none of the expected to happen. It all started when a plane crashed landed at Dagger Hill with the four friends running into the woods as quickly as they can. When the dust finally clears up, the kids are taken to the hospital, well everyone except Kimberly and no one knows where she is. Can they find her before it’s too late?

What a spooky, entertaining, and thrilling read that tied Stranger Things into the story and it did that very well. I love the 80’s and Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows so this was super fun. The plot was very intriguing and wasn’t predictable so that’s always good cause it’s the worst when the plot sounds good from the outside but you get into it and it doesn’t live up the way you expected it to do. While I loved the writing and plot, I really enjoyed the characters and the dynamics between them as it felt real and relatable, they all had unique personalities which really helped drive the story! Overall, I enjoyed the book and if the plot sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend checking it out.

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