Enchantment of Ravens

“Why do we desire, above all other things, that which has the greatest power to destroy us?”

An Enchantment of Ravens tells us the story of a young woman by the name of Isobel who is able to craft stunning portraits of her dangerous set of clients, the fair folk who are immortal who crave a terrible thirst for human craft. The fair folk trade valuable enchantments for Isobel’s paintings. But, what happens when Isobel makes a terrible mistake with her first royal client and paints mortal sorrow into his eyes, which expose something that he can’t be: weak. Livid with Isobel, he takes her to his kingdom for her to stand trial for her transgressions. But, all is not as it seems and soon Rook and Isobel find themselves on a journey that thrusts their relationship into a powerful alliance, one that could come at a cost as love is a forbidden emotion and violates the fair folk ruthless laws, thus rendering their lives forfeit. Isobel and Rook know the only way that could help is Isobel’s paintings, but can she conjure a painting powerful enough to defy the ancient magic of the fairy courts.

This was a reread for a readathon I’m doing and I feel like I was a bit disappointed in the reread. I read this a year ago and loved it and really bought into the hype of it and while it’s still very good, I do feel like the romance was a bit rushed. The plot was super interesting and found myself invested in the characters especially Rook and Isobel as they did have chemistry. Even though it was corny at times, I did enjoy how the story developed and Robinson has a way with words that really made me invested. I’m a sucker for good worldbuilding so that really helped with being invested throughout the book even with things that were miss for me. Overall, it was a good book but just wish the romance wasn’t as rushed as I felt it was. Go check it out if you think it’s up your alley!

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