People think your beauty is their possession. As if it’s there for their pleasure, as if they’ve got something invested in it. They think you owe them for their admiration.

This was such a beautiful retelling of Medusa that not only gives her a voice but really makes you feel for her. Medusa has been exiled with her two sisters, Stheno and Euyale to a remote island where the only company they have is each other and their dog. They have been on the island for four years and Medusa is feeling lonely and trapped but things change when a Perseus, arrives on the island and she believes he might be able to alleviate her problems but this will lead her on a journey of love, trust and betrayal.

While this is a beautifully written retelling of Medusa giving her a voice and sending her on a journey on self-acceptance with owning and acceptance the good and bad and being able to find peace with your past. I think this is something that many people need to see as we all have very different set of unique experiences that led us to where we are and that finding peace with your past is so essential for growth and acceptance of who you are. It’s a message that I myself crave and love and think many others feel the same.

It does delve into sexual harassment, in particular with rape culture, victim blaming and slut-shaming even by other women. Which I know that can be uncomfortable to read about especially as a woman myself, but it is very important to understand even though it hard seeing it come from other women. But, that is something that can and will happen even now in our current culture. The story along with the illustrations, which were absolutely stunning rewrote the narrative for Medusa and gave her a story that she could embrace and own. Highly recommend it!

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