Quiet In Her Bones

“Ten years was a long time for evidence to age and fade. For flesh to disappear. For everyone to forget that Nina Parvati Rai had been a living, breathing woman who’d loved music and cooking and had a mind like a computer.
In another life she could have been a professor.
In this life she’d been a rich man’s wife.
Now she was just bones.”

Quiet In Her Bones tells the story of socialite Nina Rai who disappeared mysteriously one night and was never seen again. At the time, no one thought it was suspicious, just a trophy wife tired of her wealthy husband. But when her bones turn up in the forest greens that surrounds their wealthy neighborhood where secrets have been kept but now people are starting to ask questions and while the rich who live there may not want to know what happen, one person knows that something terrible happen. Her son, Aarav remembers the chilling scream that came from his mother that fateful night ten years ago and he’s determined to find out what happen to her no matter the cost.

Wow! What a fantastic murder thriller and I truly mean that. While this book had his downsides which I will get to in a bit, this was a truly exciting and gripping thriller that had me turning the page for more. The writing style was a bit different and while I did like it, there was also a downside to it as some of the writing was a bit over-sexualized and almost came off as though it was written by a man. While I understand that the author could’ve been intending it be portrayed a little over the top, it still felt a bit much. But, there were other parts of the book that helped me enjoy it as much as I did. I felt as though the characters were well developed and while there was a lot of them, I was invested in each of them so that’s always a good thing cause there’s nothing worse than under developed characters. Lastly, what made this novel so great was the twists throughout the book and usually with some thrillers, they can very predictable but not in this book and I think that makes this a true thriller. I recommend it if you like you suspenseful thrillers that keep you wanting more.

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