The Exiled Fleet

“What’s our motto, friends?”
“Get it done fast and don’t die, sir.”

The crew of sentinels, led by courageous Adequin Drake are making a desperate preparations to return to the galaxy that abandoned them all before they all starve. Having stabilized the situation at the Divide, the immediate threat, the crew is now low on supplies and their is a impending mutiny brewing. With tensions building, the team must find a way to get through this or they may not make it out alive.

A thrilling and entertaining follow up to The Last Watch and I am so happy that I didn’t have to wait a long time to read this follow up or else I would’ve been unhappy. I was engrossed from beginning to end and while I did find the novel very entertaining there were a few things that didn’t make me love it as much as the first one. One plus was the continued developed fo the characters as I felt like it was very real and and relatable especially with Rake and her own self-doubt about whether she’s fit to be a leader. Out of all the characters, she’s probably my favorite. It’s hard not to root for her and the other members. I felt like this novel was a bit overcrowded with new characters, plot details, and a bit too much information that made me confused at times. I think I would’ve enjoyed it more it there wasn’t so much going on as it was hard to keep track of who was who especially with new characters being introduced in this book. But even with all of that, Dewes crafted a entertaining and fun follow up to the first book and I am excited for the third to come out even though it won’t be for a long time!

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