Lore Olympus by Rachel Symthe

“I know it may seem overwhelming right now. If I were lucky enough to have somebody love me, I would try everything to make it work. You’re lucky to have that even if it hurts.”

Young goddess of the spring, Persephone, is new to Olympus but as the young woman who has promised to train as a sacred virgin is about to get more than she’s bargained for when she’s meets the mysterious, Hades during a night out with her new roommate and sister Artemis and her life is thrown into a chaos as she finds herself attracted to the older man who is charming yet very misunderstood ruler of the underworld. Now, Persephone must find her place among the world of Olympus all while navigating through the confusing politics and find her true power.

I know what you’re thinking! Great, another Persephone and Hades retelling? I hear ya I hear ya but this is one retelling that is guaranteed to keep you wanting more. Going into this, I thought it was going to be a similar retelling and it was the opposite and it did not disappoint as I loved everything about it especially the personalities of the gods especially Hades and Persephone. In addition to the fantastic characterization, the dynamics between the gods and chemistry between Hades and Persephone felt very real. They are so cute together and I can’t wait to read more of their adventures in the next book coming out this year but not until July, ugh that’s too long. Not only did it feel real but it was relatable at times especially with how Persephone was navigating through the political climate in Olympus while trying to figure who she is and what he wants to do with her life.

Definitely check this out if you love mythology but I think many people would actually enjoy this book as it was a wild, entertaining, and fun ride from beginning to end.

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