KIng of Battle and Blood

“All of the stars in the sky are not as bright as my love for you.”

While many brides find their wedding day to be their happiest day but not Isolde De Lara, she expected to wed the vampire king Adrian Alexksandr Vasiliev in order to end a decades long war. She is planning to kill him on their wedding night but things don’t go as planned as he catches her in the act and threatens to raise her as the undead, which is the thing that she hates the most. Isolde isn’t going to go down without a fight as she finds other ways to defy him and survive the brutal vampire court. But, the court isn’t what she fears most. It’s Adrian himself and despite their obvious electrifying chemistry, she wants to know why he would chose her as his consort.

Well, here have another predictable enemies to lovers vampire story that I found myself engrossed in even if the writing was choppy in some parts. From the reviews on this book, people either loved it or hated and I’m one of those people who is in the middle. I didn’t exactly love it as much as I wanted to love it but it was entertaining and I did like the smut. The second book isn’t coming out for awhile and I don’t even know if I’m gonna read it but let’s get started on the good with this book. As I mentioned, the smut was pretty good and I did enjoy that because sometimes either the smut is written poorly or there’s not enough. While I did find Isolde annoying, I did buy the chemistry between herself and Adrian so that’s one of the pluses. One reason why I didn’t completely like Isolde is because I got I’m not like most girls vibe and I hate that type of character because it’s over done so it made me enjoy the book even less.

But, overall I enjoyed it and maybe I’ll check out the second book when it comes out!

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