Fiction WRAP UP

Hey everyone! I can’t wait to share my fictions reads with you so let’s get started.

Having just moved back to his old home in London to settle down and take up work as a school teacher. But, Tom has a very dark secret as he’s not who people think he is as he might look a young forty one year old high school teacher but in reality, he’s been alive for centuries as a result of a rate condition. He has lived through some of the most important dates in history but now he just wants a normal life. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen as shortly after the beginning of the school year, he breaks a rule that could potentially ruin everything that he’s ever wanted.

I wasn’t quite sure if I would like this book as sometimes historical fiction is hit or miss with me but I ended up liking it more than I thought. The plot was what got me interested as it something unique yet interesting.While I did like the plot, I wasn’t crazy about Tom as their were parts in the story where he really annoyed me and I feel like he wasn’t as compelling as I thought he would be. But, the other parts of the book helped make up for that so if you’re into fantasy and time travel stories, you would like this book!

Paige has always been scared to be herself. The real Paige who is proud to be a nerd and stick out in the crowd, who has no problem making friends, talking about books, and losing her virginity. But, no one knows who the Paige as only quiet Paige exists. But, with a new opportunities arriving as Paige will be starting at a new school, it could be the perfect time to embrace who really is and stop hiding behind a mask.

Absolutely loved this book and not only because the lead was asexual but because it was a super cute and fun book to read through. I found Paige very relatable as she struggled to embrace her real self and not hide. That’s something that still sticks with me even as an adult who has now accepted her flaws and all and I felt like it was written very well. Not only did I love Paige but the other characters especially the friendship between Paige and Shawn, the boy she becomes very close with. The asexuality aspect of the book made me very happy because it’s super hard to find asexual characters written well so I was happy that I found this book. I will reading the second book for February so stay tuned!

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