Romance WRAP Up

A little change up as I feel like is more easy to do, I’m going to combine all my genre reads into one post so I don’t feel like it’s a chore to make separate posts for them.

Rosie Taft and Jane Breslin couldn’t be more different as books are Rosie’s life as she owns a bookstore that was originally her mother’s. With living in Manhattan, the young girl seems to have it all except for one thing: a love life. While Rosie is wishing her love life to take shape, Jane Breslin operates as a real estate owner by day and a streamer by night where she uses the alias of Brie and spends her time flirting with a mysterious person who happens to be Rosie. When Rosie finds out that Jane’s family business has terminated the lease to her beloved bookstore, romance is on the back burner but there is no denying the sparks between them, will the two find a way to meet in the middle or is it another heartbreak for the young women?”

What a super cute book with a fun and engaging plot! I loved the relationship between Rosie and Jane as it developed throughout the book. It had everything you could want and I found myself relating to both characters as they had their own quirks and flaws that made them feel so real. The plot was cute and although I’ve read books with this similar plot, the author does of a good job of changing up a few things so it’s not so familiar. Overall, a super cute and fun book and I can’t wait fro the second installment of this series.

For the last year, Jo Stewart has been working on a bucket list while working as a yacht stewardess and she’s been excelling with her list while enjoying her time before her birthday. Jo is feeling good and on track with her bucket list when tragedy strikes and Jo”s world comes crashing down as she’s forced to confront painful memories from her past and process through difficult emotions. While trying to stay on track with her list, she finds herself developing feelings for a young man, Alex Hayes and this further complicates her relationships and she must make a choice to stop playing it safe and embrace her past or she will lose what matters the most.

I really enjoyed this book as it touched upon serious issues like grief, mental health, emotions, and family issues in a way that wasn’t over the top but still very real. I loved Jo, I thought she was a very relatable character and I felt for her throughout the book as she struggled to come to terms with her past in order to embrace the present and choose what matters most to her rather than playing it safe. That struck a cord with me as I went through similar changes so I was rooting for her the entire time. The romance was very cute and I did enjoy the plot! I would totally recommend this book to others! A fun, interesting, and heartwarming read about embracing the past so you can live the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

If there was one person Catalina Martin couldn’t stand, it was Aaron Blackford and the feeling is mutual. But, desperate times call for desperate measures as she needs to bring someone to her sister’s wedding or else she’ll never live it down. It’s just a simple trip with the most obnoxious, aggravating, and nosiest man she’s ever met. Or is it?

Ahhhhh, this book was so much fun!! I loved it from beginning to end. The enemies to lovers trope is my favorite and it was so well done and felt very real! I love their relationship and how it developed through the book. The plot, characters, and how the story developed were fleshed out together so that it made a very fun read.

To everyone who knows them, best friends Meil and Sam as are strange as they are inseparable.The pair has magical abilities that are on opposites sides of the spectrum as roses grow out of Miel’s wrist and Sam is known for the moons he paints and hangs out in tree’s and while not much is know about him or his mother before they moved here, even they know to stay away from the Bonner girls, who are witches. But, when Miel and Sam discover that the witches want Miel’s roses that grow out her skin as they believe the scent can make anyone fall in love, the two must do what they can to not only protect Meil and every secret she’s sworn to protect but their loved ones.

Oh Anna-Marie McLemore, you really have a way with words. This was such a heartwarming and beautiful read as I was hooked from beginning to end. I’ve been a huge fan of her writing and she never fails to disappoint with how she develops her characters and I always feel like I know them. The struggles of the characters are what drive this particular story as it follows, Latina Miel and Samir, an Italian-Pakistani trans boy and McLemore does an excellent job with tackling these serious issues in a way that feels real. A truly beautiful tale of friendship, belonging, and finding your inner voice.

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