ROmance WRap Up #1

Here is the first round!

What a fun and entertaining read! It reminded me of the movie 27 dresses, which is one of my favorite movies. What I really loved about the book is how much I related to Lily as she was close to my age so I could really empathize with her struggles especially in terms of her so-called dating life. But, that’s the least of her worries as she’s got a busy schedule with being a bridesmaid five times. It’s becoming too much so Lily decides to create a anonymous blog where she can vent and de-stress but we all know all good things can’t be kept a secret for long? This is a funny, smart, heartwarming, beautiful, and entertaining tale that will captivate you till the end!

This was another book that had huge hype around and I was pleased that it lived up to it! I’ve been seeing this book all over tumblr and goodreads and a few people had told me about it so I decided to finally check it out. Enemies to lovers is my favorite trope and it was done so well in this book! I loved everything about and gushed and squealed till the end. The writing was a plus as it was beautifully written with heartwarming moments, humor, witty banter and lastly romance! The dynamics between Lucy and Josh were so great and I love the build up! A fantastic and fun read so check if out if you’d like!

So, this book completely lived up to the hype that it gets and I was so happy it did because there’s nothing worse than reading a book that doesn’t live up to the hype. But, this book was so much fun as I found myself unable to put it down. I felt so many emotions with this book as it had made me happily squeal with delight. I loved everything about it especially Olive even though she does do some things that made me roll my yes but her relationship with Adam was absolutely adorable. Both, Olive and Adam were interesting and flawed and I felt like I knew them so I was very invested in the relationship. It was SO CUTE!! Definitely check this book out!

This is my first book by Quinn and I’m a fan! I really enjoyed this and I’m going to check out her other books especially The Reunion as this novel leads up to it. This was a super cute and short read that was lovely all the way up to the cliffhanger which I hate. But, I love the characters especially Nora and Cooper and I did like the dynamics between them. It was a fun and entertaining ride and I can’t wait fore more of Cooper and Nora!

I really enjoyed this one! I loved the plot, the characters, and how the story developed throughout the novel. I did appreciate and love the character development and growth of Rosaline, and it felt very real as she is a completely different person at the baking competition than when we first met her. I think the author did a really great job with the characters especially Rosaline with making them feel human as there were things that she did that I didn’t like but that’s a part of being a human being. This was a very fun, entertaining and enjoyable novel so I would highly recommend it!

Wow, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this as much I did. The premise sounded familiar but I have liked her previous books so i thought I’d check it out. One of the many reasons that I loved the book is because Ari, the main character of the story has depression and the way it was depicted was very honest and truthful. When it comes to mental health, some books do great with it while others don’t pass the mark. As someone who has depression, I related a lot to Ari and understand the up’s and downs that come with it. The story was cute and I found the other characters interesting and unique! The dynamics that were developed throughout the story felt real so overall, it was a fun and cute novel!

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