Romance ROUnd Up #2

Now for round #2!!

What a fun book! This is another one that lived up to the hype so I was happy about that. I will defintely be reading the #2 & #3 book in this series. I had heard really good things about this so I’m glad it lived up to my expectations. Slow burn and fake dating are two of my favorite tropes and it was done really well in the book as it felt very real. I love the dynamics between the two main characters, Stella and Michael who are so perfect for each other. This was a truly fun and cute read!

What a fun and enjoyable read! I have really enjoyed this series as I found the characters especially the women interesting and unique in their own way. The story follows Khai & Esme as the two navigate through their sudden romance. Both Khai & Esme are fully fleshed out characters who have their own struggles that make them compelling characters. Khai with his autism and Esme with being a young single mother, I felt for both of them as they tried to deal with own struggles while navigating their sudden romance. I really enjoy Hoang’s writing especially making her characters seem very real so it’s easy to identify with them. I loved this book and can’t wait to read the 3rd one!

I can’t decide which of these books I liked the best in the series as they were all so unique, interesting, and fun in their own way. Hoang does an excellent job of not doing the same old things especially with similar characters. I feel like they’re brand new and that’s what keeps interested and entertained! So onto the book, I love Anna and Quan, they were very fun and interesting characters and I loved the dynamic between them. I related a lot to Anna especially with her mental health and enjoyed seeing her grow as a person and I love how Quan was so tender with her. They really had great chemistry and I was rooting for them the entire time! Hoang never disappoints as I laughed and cried from the beginning to end! Highly suggest reading this series, I loved it so much!

This book is such an emotional roller-coaster and Sarah J Maas is lucky that I love her books so much because I never read books that are 700 or 800 pages long. But, I love her characters and world building and this book lives up to it. One of the things that I love about Sarah j Maas books is how she builds her worlds as it always feel like you’re there in the world as the story is unfolding. World-building is something that gets me hooked on a story and she really has a way with words that I’ve always loved. The characters, Bryce and Hunt were unique and interesting and they had their own flaws that made their dynamic very real. With the way that she builds the world and characters makes it so easy to be invested that you get lost in the world. That’s what I’ve always loved about her books!

WOW! The book was wild, chaotic, entertaining and full of high octane drama. The beginning of the book was a little slow but man it picked up and I hooked and not able to put it down till the end. The sequel follows Bryce and Hunt on a new adventure and while they want to relax and time for themselves, the world has other plans.It was so good to see Bryce and Hunt, their relationships is done so well and I love them.This book was well worth the wait but I hate that I have to wait even longer for the third book. She’s so good with characters and how she builds her world that makes you feel like you’re actually there. This book was so good and I loved every minute of it!! Highly recommend this book!

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