Romance wrap up #3

Here is the last wrap up for the month!

I finally decided to check this book out as there has been so buzz about it and I was glad the hype was real! I’m reading the second book right now so that will on next month’s wrap up but this was a very enjoyable and entertaining book. The characters especially Simon and Baz were very fleshed out which made it very easy to invested in the story.It was very heartwarming with fun and sweet moments mixed with twists and turns that makes you invested and eager for more!

This story had so much going for it with excellent writing, witty humor, intriguing plot and interesting dynamics between each of the characters. Unfortunately, the main character was very unlikable and was more annoying than anything else. The story follows Gabby, a young woman who is still trying to sort out what she wants to do with her life. She is ready to be in a job that she loves and feels passionate about. But, just as she feels like nothing will change, she gets cast as an extra on Passion Medical, a hit tv show, she finds herself being thrust into an adventure she didn’t see coming.

I really wanted to like this book but Gabby wasn’t a very engaging character. In fact, I found her vain, self-centered, and acted more like a teenager who doesn’t get what she wants than being an adult and trying to find your place in the world. She was more interested with flirting with Will and trying to get his attention than anything else. It was very hard to root for her and in fact, I found myself wishing that she would actually face consequences for her actions. It’s such a shame she was so unlikable because her family issues were very realistic with her brother dealing with a heroine addiction, parents divorcing, and sister separating from her husband.

Holy shit!! This book was so much fun, I loved it from beginning to end. This will for sure be in my round up of favorite books of 2022. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much during a book than I did with this one and I felt like it helped with developing the plot through till the end. The plot follows Lou and Thomas, the two of them are struggling with their own demons while trying to have success in their own lives. They were both intriguing, interesting, and unique and I felt invested in their lives which helps with staying invested in the story. There is nothing worse than a good plot but under developed characters cause it just makes you wanna stop reading it. This book was a real delight so I highly recommend it!

It can be challenging to bring in real life issues into a romance story as sometimes it’s done well and other times it’s not. But, this was not the case with this heartwarming yet moving novel about learning to trust and fall in love with someone who loves you unconditionally. The story follows Niya, who is doing her best to heal from a abusive relationship previously and while she isn’t interested in dating, her friends have other plans. She decides to give it a go to make them happy but soon finds herself falling in love with Jake, who makes her feel like herself again. What I loved about this particular story is how well the characters were written and the romance was very sweet and real. I appreciate how the author weaved in Niya’s prior relationship that was abusive. I thought the way it was done was very well and I was rooting for Niya the entire time! I would highly recommend this! Just be aware of the trigger warnings!

What a wholesome, heart-warming, fun love story from beginning to end. While it is a romance, it is so much more than that. It’s really a story about finding your true purpose, standing up for what’s right, and being content with who you are. The representation is so wonderful in this book and I took away a lot more than I anticipated. The friendship and romance between Adam and Zayneb was truly wholesome and very real. I was rooting for them from the beginning and I love how it developed to the end.

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