Book Review #1

“I think I might fetch you the moon if only to spare your tears again.”

To many, Alizeh is just a servant and a disposable one at that. But, what they don’t know is that she is really a heir to Jinn dynasty forced to hide in plain sight. She is also the one person no would especially Prince Karman would expect to uproot his kingdom and the world. The Crown Prince has heard of the prophecies foretelling his grandfather’s death but he can’t bring himself to believe that Alizeh, the servant girl who hasn’t left his mind to be the one to bring down his kingdom.

This Woven Kingdom by Tarereh Mafi was such a thrilling and wild ride from beginning to end! This is one of the best books I’ve read this year and I’m glad it lived up to the hype because it’s always so disappointing when books don’t live up to it but this was a real treat. There was so much about this novel that I loved as everything felt so connected as Mafi developed a beautifully written world that felt so real. The characters especially Alizeh and Karman were equally flawed and developed and their chemistry was so so good. The romance felt very real within their dynamics. That’s always a good thing because there’s nothing worse when the romance is under developed and/or feels forced because that just ruins it for me. I can’t stay invested in the story when I feel like it’s forced but gladly I feel that here. Even on their own, Alizeh and Karman were interesting characters as Alizeh proved that she is no mere servant girl and her actions felt genuine, honest, and true to how she presented herself as a compassionate and selfless warrior who was bad ass at the same time. Then, we have Karman who is very confident and bold and know what he truly wants in life and Mafi did such a great job with their dynamics that it was hard not to root for them.

Lastly, I really enjoyed how Mafi mixed Persian Mythology and Cinderella that made it so unique and interesting.It didn’t feel overdone and really helped with developing the romance between Karman and Alizeh. Overall, I really enjoyed the tale and how it unfolded so I would highly recommend it!!

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