Book Review: A Magic steeped in poison

“Grief has a taste, bitter and lingering, but so soft it sometimes disguises itself as sweetness.”

Nig couldn’t imagine things get any worse but unfortunately, they’re gonna get worse before they get better. Haunted and grief stricken over being responsible fro the death of her mother, an unfortunate accident that occurred with Nig brewing tea for her without knowing that it was poison. Now, her sister has succumbed to to the same tea and Nig must do something fast as time is running out. When she hears about an upcoming tournament held in the imperial city, she realizes this is the only chance to save her sister as the winner will receive a favor from the princess.

This was on such a fun book! The entire novel was full of surprises, twists, angst and heart warming moments that made it difficult to put down. But, one of the things that I absolutely loved about it was how their magic system was based on different types of tea, it was so beautifully done. I think Lin wrote is so well that you couldn’t help but be interested in this aspect and I’ve never seen that done before. I really hope this becomes a thing because as a tea lover, it was so fun to read about mixed in with different fantasy elements. The other parts of the book were fantastic and I really loved the dynamics between the characters and especially Nig as I felt for her during the journey as she was dealing with so many different emotions and haunted by the things she’d done. The only thing I didn’t like was the cliffhanger but at least its not one that will keep me up at night wondering what will come next. I really enjoyed this and highly recommend it!

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